Author Visit

Author Sanae Ishida will be visiting Librarian Hank on May 16th to speak to the k-3rd grade students.

Families interest in purchasing Sanae Ishida’s books may complete the order form.

Yearbook Cover Art

The PTO is accepting submissions of cover art for the 2023-2024 Yearbook.


Theme: Our theme for this year is "WE ALL BELONG."
Required Elements: Include the words "WE ALL BELONG”, “LICTON SPRINGS K-8", and the date "2023-2024" in the cover design.
Size: Use an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper for your design. Digital covers are acceptable.
Original Design: If you create a digital cover, it must be your own design. You can use the official Licton Springs K-8 Thunderbird logo but no clipart or downloaded pictures are allowed.
Color: Your design should be in color. (Our school colors are red and black.)
Optional Back Design: You can create a back design on a separate piece of paper.
Identification: Write your first and last name on the BACK of the design in pencil (lightly).
Deadline: Submit your design to Darian by Thursday, May 9. They can be turned into the art room or sent via email.
Design Tips:

  • Ensure the design is clean and final, without rubbings, smears, or eraser marks.

  • Use markers or colored pencils in one direction, avoiding crayons.

  • Keep the design organized and well-spaced.

  • Consider balancing white space and avoiding overcrowding.

  • Limit excessive use of words.

  • Note that designs not chosen may still appear inside the yearbook or as the back cover.

RITES of Passage is back!

We are bringing RITES back for our 8th graders after a pause during the pandemic..

We want to show their community supports them!  

The background:

RITES is a program created by a student over 20 years ago. Inspired by the coming of age rituals of local indigenous nations.

RITES involves a series of trainings and experiences aimed at developing the skills and confidence of 8th grade students to successfully manage challenges in life. Students develop leadership skills, explore their understanding of and relationship with nature, learn to (safely) expand personal comfort zones, and participate in acts of service.

The year long activities include:

  • Volunteer and community service

  • Physical challenges

  • Nature safety training

  • Multi-day backpacking trip

To support our students visit our Contribute page to make a cash donation


We also welcome the donation of camping equipment and/or are seeking chaperones for the activities leading up to the final trip. Please email us at to help out.

Stepping Stones

This program is the precursor to RITES of Passage. It consists of activities and experiences designed for students in younger grades to also build skills and confidence as they work towards their Rites of Passage.

Prior experiences include the raising and release of Salmon by the 2nd & 3rd Graders and an overnight at Camp Long by the 4th & 5th graders.

Is your scholar curious about Thunderbird Athletics?  

Consider joining next season. Get them offline and into the game!

After School Clubs

The PTO wishes to bring back after school clubs. We have the space but we need the help and support of the community.

  • Do you have any suggestions for afterschool clubs?

  • Are you able to help with planning or implementation?

  • Can you suggest providers doing clubs at other SPS schools that we could bring to LSk8?

Email the PTO with any offers or suggestions.

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